A group of five independent artists initiated a project in November 2016 with the aim of cultural exchange and artistic practice, three of them are living and working in Iran and two of them are living and working in Germany whom are the students of Prof. Natascha Sadr Haghighian from the University of Arts Bremen.

The exchange group was initiated based on the genuine interest of keeping the connection to work together and discuss over different important artistic issues to get advantage of making a cultural space that we can inhabit. What it means to be working from a distance, tasting and questioning an art practice beyond national borders while contextualizing it socially and historically, is the key issue the exchange group is dealing with and its special, complicated situation makes it more interesting. Communication via internet, Skype sessions and file exchange have been key measures but are also limiting.

participant artists are: 

Ehsan Barati, Konstanze Spaet, Stephan Thierbach, Alireza Mohamadi, Neda Zareh